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Mental Health Billing Services

We check the patient's insurance information along with their demographics. We ensure that authorizations are present on file, we submit claims electronically whenever possible, and file secondary claims. At EZ Billing, we make sure to continuously update the status of unpaid claims, we refile unpaid claims whenever needed, and file appeals as well. Our other services include: 

  • Answering patient billing questions.

  • Providing balance due collections from patients.

  • Providing monthly patient statements upon request.

  • Posting insurance and patient payments.

Verification of Benefits

We always ensure to contact every patient's insurance provider in order to verify mental health benefits and eligibility before the patient is seen at the practice. In our verification process, we will confirm the amount of co-payment, the deductible, the maximum visits allowed per year, and we will also verify any authorization requirements. The claims mailing address will be verified as well.

Credentialing & Contracting

The process of credentialing includes obtaining written evidence of qualifications and benefits for the mental health providers who wish to work under contract with a specific health plan. The process of credentialing usually can be completed in 90-180 days by the major carriers. Smaller local plans may take longer than the standard major carrier credentialing period. We also provide quick and efficient provider network contracting. At EZ Billing, we can help your practice with enrollment and re-enrollment in Medicare, Medicaid, and a variety of other providers as well.

Maintenance & Other Services

For our maintenance services, we offer demographic updates, NPI profile updates, CAQH profile updates and maintenance. We can also conduct virtual office assistant work including customer service and scheduling, depending on the needs of your practice. Upon request, we also prepare patient intake forms.

At EZ Billing, we offer the best medical services in California that include expert billing, electronic medical records, claims accuracy, denial appeals, HIPAA compliance, and insurance contract negotiations.
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